Raku Vase Mountain carved

This exceptional Raku fired Vase was made on a potter's wheel and then Carved and textured by hand. The piece is 20" tall and 12" in diameter. It is truly a one of a kind piece and would look great on the hearth or as the center piece of any room. Raku pottery is fired in a small kiln one piece at a time. It is removed red hot from the kiln and placed into a bed of sawdust. It is then covered tightly so it cannot burn freely. The interaction between the smoldering sawdust and the hot glaze produces the vivid, unique colors of Raku. Raku pottery is still porous and will not hold water. As with any piece of fine art, keep out of direct sunlight and clean with a damp cloth.

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Raku Vase Mountain carved Raku Vase Mountain carved